Source of Funds

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Source of Funds

1. Membership Fee

2. Voluntary Donation of general members 

3. Local Donor’s Donation.

Dhaka City Cleanliness Pilot Project

Picture of this project

Another Source of Funds

Red Sun Society organize a project, title “Dhaka City Cleanliness Pilot Project” (DCCPP) for environment protection in Dhaka Metropolitan Area non-governmentally. The local government Ward commissioner of Dhaka City Corporation permits this project. This project has three waste carriers Barrel type Rickshaw vans for collect wastage dirt one times daily from 1000 (One thousand) family members, the family members donate an amount voluntary monthly. In the entire amount is spending for driver’s salary, office rent, betterment development program purpose and some of amount are spending a stipend for “Needy Bright Student & Disable Children”

Photo of (DCCP)Project

Please, Donate our project