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Curent Program

·        Environment Development Program.

·        Voluntary Blood Donor Supported Program.

·        Save-A-Mate Program for Prevent & Awareness on

         STD, HIV/AIDS.

·        Awareness Program on Stop Early Marriage, Dowry,

         Child & Women Trafficking.

·        First Aid Education Program.

·        Self Development Program.

Environment Development Program

Source of Fund:

1.        Membership Fee

2.        Member’s Voluntary Donation

Another Source of Fund:

Red Sun Society has a Fundraising Project. This Project Title Name

“Red Sun City Cleanliness Pilot Project” This project Vision for

Environmental Development & Protection. This Project has

3 (Three) Dust Carrier Van for collect Daily wasted Dirt

from about 1000 (Thousand) Family Members in Dhaka

Metropolitan area 54 & 55 No Ward. Than this Family

Members are monthly pay a Voluntary Service Fee. Collected

all of the amount are used for Salary & Developmental Program Purpose.